Welcome to Fatte's Pizza of Santa Maria

Fatte's Pizza of Santa Maria opened its doors on July 28, 2008 at 1772 S. Broadway in Santa Maria. Its purpose: to provide the best available food at the lowest possible price! It all started when Paul Miser, owner and president, at 15 years old got a part-time job washing dishes at Straw Hat Pizza in Tarzana, Ca. Working hard and improving his skills, he was soon making pizzas. Although young, he knew that some day he wanted to own a pizza place-how it would happen, he didn't know. For the next 15 years, he worked at various pizzerias while completing school, going to college, and eventually trying to establish his place in the work place. It was at that point, it became obvious to him and his family that Paul would open a pizzeria because it had become a large part of who he was. With the help of a partner, he opened Fatte's Pizza in Grover Beach, Ca in 2000. His dream had come true. After years of establishing Fatte's as part of the community, he started saving and planning to open up a new location. He found Santa Maria; a town of families and community that is growing and in need of good, affordable pizza. The store was built to his specifications-a walk-in cooler, a state of the art pizza oven and hood, etc. He was also able to staff the new restaurant with friendly, reliable and capable employees. Fatte's is quickly becoming part of the community of Santa Maria by providing the best available food at the lowest possible prices.

      Fatte's Pizza: More Pizza, Less Dough!